Toni Topaz on 'Riverdale' is The CW’s Newest LGBTQ Female Hero

There's a new hero in the little town of Riverdale.

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The CW is home to many great queer women who save the day as heroes. Anissa Pierce recently joined the list as Black Lightning’s Thunder. Sara Lance has spent a few lives fighting on both sides, but now saves all of time as the captain of the Waverider on Legends of Tomorrow. Supergirl viewers have been shown Alex’s coming out story while she saves the day with her powerful sister. Then there’s The 100’s Clarke who has saved her people by making the hard choice while balancing relationships with both men and women. The network is home to several queer women who are heroes and on Wednesday a new one joining the ranks: Toni Topaz.

On Wednesday’s Riverdale episode, “The Noose Tightens,” Betty and Jughead deal with going up against their friends in the high school election while secrets of the murder at the Cooper house threaten both teenagers’’ family. Meanwhile, Hiram’s crime boss associates question the Lodges entrance into the mayoral place and Archie struggles to find a solution.

'Riverdale'The CW

While all of this is going on Toni has a singular focus and that is finding Cheryl Blossom, who is undergoing conversion therapy courtesy of the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. The abrupt move from Cheryl’s coming out to conversion therapy is certainly not positive, but it does create a situation for Toni to shine. From mobilizing Veronica and Josie to look for her to breaking Cheryl out, the young Serpent was nothing short of heroic.

Toni literally saved Cheryl and had viewers going with her on the journey the entire way. You were upset at the town of Riverdale for being a place where conversion therapy occurs, as Kevin revealed that it’s an open secret. You rolled your eyes when Josie gave up on trying to help Cheryl when Penelope Blossom threatens her. In the end, Veronica is the only one that breaks in too, but it’s Toni who demands they search every room if they have to and then ultimately finds Cheryl.

'Riverdale'The CW

Riverdale has finally found a way to use the previously underutilized bisexual woman of color on its cast. Introduced as Jughead’s friend in the South Side, Toni walked him through his new high school and helped him join the Serpents. Aside from being a nice bit of representation, it’s good to see Toni in a storyline that goes beyond being an obstacle for Jughead.

With her certified hero status, now Toni can be part of the next part of Cheryl’s story. Hopefully, it will be a more positive love story compared to her horrific time with the Sisters.

Riverdale airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on The CW.

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