Anissa Finally Suits Up as Thunder on 'Black Lightning’

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Jefferson Pierce may be the main hero on Black Lightning, but it’s his daughter Anissa who has had the biggest journey so far in Season 1. After discovering she had powers, Anissa went out onto the streets of Freeland trying to save people from the 100. She even went out and got a bright suit of her own. Since she came clean to her parents about her powers, Anissa has been working with her father. So far Anissa’s story has been pushing her to become DC Comics hero Thunder, and on Tuesday, the time came.

Thunder is here.

On “The Book Of Little Black Lies,” Anissa decides to share the family secret with her sister who is beginning to exhibit powers of her own. Jennifer’s negative reaction sends the Pierce family into quite the tailspin. Meanwhile Black Lightning and Henderson are determined to see the end of Green Light once and for all while Gambi worries his relationship with Jefferson is permanently ruined.

'Black Lightning'

The CW

While Anissa starts the episode not doing well in her family life, it’s all steam ahead on the superhero front. Not only does Gambi give her the suit he made, but Jefferson officially teams up with his daughter to take on Gambi’s former organization and destroy Green Light.

Seeing Thunder suited up and in action is a wonderful payoff for the series. Anissa wants to help her community so badly she was going out on the streets without understanding her powers or their limitations. It could have ended very badly and luckily her family stepped up when they found out the truth. Because Anissa is definitely the type to sneak out and go it only if her parents tried to stop her.

Adding to the power of the moment is how funny the opening sequence is in comparison. Anissa kicks off the hour by scaring her sister nearly to death by using her own powers to lift Jennifer’s entire bed then tells her their father is Black Lightning. It’s nearsighted and a very foolish move, which is a far from the focused hero she was towards the end.

'Black Lightning'

The CW

Also, there’s the fact the Black Lightning-Thunder team up was just epic. They hand each other’s backs and worked independently. She saved her father and her father saved here, it really was a true partnership.

It was nice to meet Thunder and Black Lightning fans are surely excited to see what the new hero does next.

Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern on The CW.

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