Netflix’s ‘The Rain,’ a Dystopian, Ecological Thriller, Has a Premiere Date

A new trailer for upcoming Netflix sci-fi thriller The Rain arrived Thursday ahead of its May release. Set in a world where a rain-carried virus has wiped out much of the population, the drama tests whether a group of teens can actually stand the rain. It’s a matter of “stay dry or die” as characters try to outmaneuver mother nature herself.

The new trailer gives more footage of the post-apocalyptic world the series is set in. And as far as its newly available release date, a spring release feels fitting for a show about killer rain. While the first trailer introduced the two leads, a brother and sister trying to survive, the new trailer gives us a look at their lives before everything went to hell, and before rain meant certain death for a group of friends.

'The Rain'Netflix

Danish series The Rain premieres right after The 100, which is another series about teens trying to survive after an apocalypse destroys the world, returns for its fifth season. The 100 just lived through a second nuclear apocalypse, which included some acid rain, so maybe the siblings at the center of the Netflix series could learn a thing or two for the 100.

The real question is: Which one of the show’s characters will The Rain get first?

The Rain will premiere on Netflix May 4, 2018.