'The 100' Is Basically Doing a Soft Reboot With a Huge Time Jump

When The 100 began in 2014 a hundred teenagers were dropped onto a previously irritated Earth to see if it was habitable again. Over the course of 4 seasons, those teenagers changed their post-apocalyptic world as they fought to keep their people alive. Killing off an entire civilization, waging war more than once and even sacrificing loved ones turned these teens into legends. There’s not a person alive who doesn’t know of them, especially since last season ended with another apocalyptic event that killed most of the people on the planet. However, it looks like the game has changed in a big way. The Season 5 trailer jumps forward 6 years an introduces a new batch of enemies. It feels like an entirely new show.

Providing some clue to what Clarke Griffin went through while walking the surface alone, the new trailer introduces a whole new chapter of The 100, with the characters split between Earth and space. The teenagers are all grown up now, and it’s clear a lot has changed.

'The 100'The CW

After the Season 4 finale, Clarke found the one patch of green land left on the planet, which looks like it will be a battleground in the upcoming season. Everyone wants control of the only viable land in the wasteland that Earth has become, so Clarke will need all the help she can for this new enemy, and that includes her friends from underground and up in space. With a small group in space trying to return and an army trapped in a bunker with leader Octavia Blake, Clarke may have a chance. They just have to get to the surface first.

Six years have passed since we last saw these characters, and people can change a lot in that time given normal circumstances, let alone in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Several of them are almost unrecognizable from when we first met them in Season 1, and now The 100 is throwing in a jump that covers more time than those all of those first four seasons combined. Clarke had been a strong leader, but now she’s raising a young Grounder, which changes the priorities of the show’s fearless hero. Speaking of The Grounders, The 100 landed and were known as “the sky crew,” a foreign people to those living on the ground. But now they are all the Grounders and these new enemies are the strangers from the sky.

'The 100'The CW

Whoever these new adversaries are, they don’t know that Clarke, Octavia, and the rest of the people who have survived won’t give up without a vicious death. The 100’s next chapter is set up to be an exciting one.

The 100 Season 5 premieres April 24, 2018.