'Deadpool 2' Outscores First Film With Near-Perfect Test Screenings

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The scores for Deadpool 2’s test screenings arrived Tuesday, and the audience reportedly loved it. Not only did the Ryan Reynolds-fronted film get nearly perfect scores, but it also received higher marks than the beloved first film about the wisecracking mercenary.

After six days of reshoots, a new version of Deadpool 2 was screened and received a 98 from an audience in Dallas, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That’s up from the first two test screenings, which scored 91 and 97, respectively.

The sequel now outpaces the original film, which received a test screening score high of 91. As The Hollywood Reporter noted, the additional reshoots done to include more of what audiences liked added up to “three days fewer than those done for 2016’s Deadpool.” And still, the second film in the franchise scored higher in its test screenings — which should reassure fans.

The original Deadpool came out of the gate very strong when it premiered in 2016. It was an R-rated superhero blockbuster with a unique tone. The film was a runaway hit, and with most successes, the question of how a sequel will hold up is always a pressing one. It seems like Deadpool’s next adventure is going to be an exciting one — and even more meta this time around.

While the scores look good for Deadpool 2, it could also mean great things for a potential X-Force movie. According to reports, the reshoots added more of new characters Domino and Cable, who could appear in X-Force with Reynolds. If audiences loved the version of Deadpool 2 with more of them in it, then that could mean audiences would get behind X-Force.

When Deadpool 2 premieres May 18, 2018, it’ll be up to audiences to give a score. Will the sequel live up to Deadpool?

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