This Video Of The Grand Canyon Sky Will Make You Feel Infinitesimal

Millions of people visit Grand Canyon National Park every year to gaze upon the rocky wonder that has been carved out by the Colorado River. But while tourists are feasting their eyes on ancient geological formations, they’re missing a magnificent light show going on right over their heads.

The video above offers an eye-popping time-lapse of the bedazzled Arizona sky as campers make their way down the Colorado River. An innumerable amount of stars and celestial objects shine down on craggy rock formations, making you realize that we really are just tiny meat bags floating on a giant rock suspended in space.

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This footage was shot by Harun Mehmedinovic, of the SKYGLOW Project. This initiative aims to educate its viewers about the effects of urban light pollution in North America. In collaboration with the International Dark-Sky Association, SKYGLOW has shot stunning videos of the night sky in locations free of artificial light, in hopes that people living in cities will see what they’re missing out on.

Their newest video begins in a calm corner of the Colorado River. Wide shots of the Grand Canyon’s cliffs and plateaus pay homage to its billions of years of natural beauty, but the sky calls your attention as blankets of clouds constantly change how it looks.

When night falls it’s a whole different world. Rock formations take a back seat to a myriad of stars, comets, and galaxies. If the towering rocks of the Grand Canyon made you feel small, the sparkles from millions of alien worlds will make you feel like a speck of dust.

It bears repeating: No matter where you take a trip outside of your town, don’t forget to look up. You won’t be disappointed.