20 Emotional Images From Today's National School Walkout

Led by students, protestors are fighting for better gun control.

Flickr / Fibonacci Blue

Across the country today and around the world, students today are leading #SchoolWalkouts to protest better gun control.

The planned event takes place exactly one month after the fatal Parkland, Fl. high school shooting, in which 17 students lost their lives. The protests — which are being streamed live on platforms like Facebook and Twitter — have already produced many emotional imagery capturing the raw anger of the students and their supporters.

The following are 20 images that perfectly capture how the National School Walkouts are unfolding today:

The mood was somber, yet excited at many campuses across the country this morning, while students held signs protesting school shootings.

Many students used the opportunity to shout anti-gun chants during their walkouts.

While countless students were banned from walking off campus and threatened with suspension, that didn’t stop them from protesting.

Students around the world, including ones at this U.K. academy, showed support for their American peers.

These students filled their school’s football stands.

Many schools held 17 minutes of silence for Parkland High School victims

This student made sure politicians know he’ll be voting against them if they don’t take gun control seriously.

Some students didn’t hold back with their signs, like these in Brooklyn, NY. One of them asks whether “your little ‘toys’ matter more than our lives” in reference to rifles.

The snow didn’t stop these students at an Ohio high school.

This student took the opportunity to address racism and fatal shootings.

Overall, thousands of students took to the streets in Florida and across the country to protest for their safety. Meanwhile, campus administrators have been struggling to keep students indoors and within the bounds of school rules as more of them walk out.