‘Get Out’ Star Finds New Sunken Place in ‘Sorry To Bother You’ Trailer

Anyone who saw Get Out will remember the scene where Lakeith Stanfield’s Andre runs over with terror in his eyes and blood dripping from his nose to scream at Chris to “get out” of an awful town where white residents implant their brains into black bodies. Well, it seems Stanfield is still in a “sunken place,” albeit a strange, vibrant and crazed new sunken place from the looks of the Sorry To Bother You trailer.

On Sunday, the first trailer for the science fiction satire hit the web, giving viewers a closer look at the wacky world director/writer Boots Riley created. At the center of the action is Stanfield’s Cassius Green, a struggling black telemarketer who uses his newfound inner “white voice” to take his career to the next level. As he climbs up the corporate ladder, his relationship with his activist girlfriend Detroit (played by Tessa Thompson) begins to suffer because she simply cannot support what he’s doing.

Stanfield is not the only person on this dark comedic adventure, because this cast is stacked with talent. In addition to Stanfield and Thompson, Danny Glover, Armie Hammer, Steven Yeun, and Terry Crews are among the other faces in the film. Providing the “inner white voices” of Cassisus and his colleagues are David Cross, Steve Buscemi, and Patton Oswalt.

'Sorry To Bother You'

With bright colors and elevated sense of reality, Sorry To Bother You takes Stanfield from the horror of Get Out’s sunken place to a more humorous and silly examination of the black experience. Riley’s film does this by focusing on code-switching, changing the manner in which you speak depending on what type of situation you’re in. Get Out prominently featured code-switching — Chris sounded completely different and more natural when he was speaking with friend Rod on the phone compared to how he spoke when meeting his girlfriend’s parents. That’s actually a very realistic example of code-switching, but Cassius finding immense success after honing “his inner white voice” exaggerates code-switching into comedic levels by instantly launching him to immense success. To make things ever more explicit and absurd, the film uses white actors to literally give black actors “white voices” — David Cross plays Cassius’s “white voice.”

From the trailer, it seems Sorry To Bother’s combination of magical realism, corporate setting, and awareness of its own silliness make it the humorous counterpart to award-winning Get Out’s horrifying satire.

Sorry To Bother You is set to be released on July 6.