A Lifetime Subscription To One of the Best VPNs Is Currently 94% Off

Browse the web securely and at blazing speeds with FastestVPN.


Dude, get a VPN. Not only does it protect you from hackers, and your boss’s admin spying privileges when all you want to do is kick back with a sports stream on a Friday afternoon, it also lets you stay anonymous from ad trackers, and change your location so you can watch all the Canadian Netflix you want (seriously, Canadian Netflix is lit.)

It’s absolutely essential to protect your browsing activity by using a VPN, but there are tons out there, and the price points can be intimidating to say the least. Given that this is software designed to make your life easier and more secure, you want to make sure you’re actually getting, you know, a good one. FastestVPN is one of the best, most well-reviewed VPNs on the market, and offers a smart, easy-to-use service for all devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Smart TV and your router.

As the name implies, this high-powered VPN is lightning fast, and operates with 99.9% uptime (probably a much better ratio than your regular ISP). It gives you access to more than 70 high-speed servers around the globe. Plus, with a NAT firewall, ad blocker, anti-malware software, and a strict no logging policy, FastestVPN is pretty much the first, strongest line of defense for your online security.

FastestVPN is currently offering a lifetime subscription, meaning it’ll never run out, or cut out on you when you need it most. Its regular price is $600(!!!) But today, Inverse readers can get it at an astoundingly reduced rate at just $34.99.

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