Why 'The Sopranos' Prequel Could Happen in the 'Mad Men' Universe


If fans are very lucky, the fictional dimension of Tony Soprano could cross space and time and connect to the Sixties and Seventies of Don Draper in Mad Men. It’s a long shot, but it’s totally possible that the new Sopranos prequel film could exist in the Mad Men timeline.

On Thursday, Deadline reported that Sopranos creator David Chase sold a screenplay to New Line Cinema called The Many Saints Of Newark, and that the film is a prequel to his groundbreaking HBO mobster series. According to Deadline “ the time period indicates there will be room for Tony Soprano’s father, Giovanni ‘Johnny Boy’…” which indicates it will be set either in the Sixties or the Seventies.

Which is where Mad Men comes in. In 2015, writing for VICE, Lincoln Michel pointed out that Mad Men’s Bob Benson talks to a man who seems to be a younger version of Uncle “Junior”, also known to Sopranos fans as Corrado Soprano or “Uncle Jun.” The IRL connection here is that Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner wrote for The Sopranos. So, will David Chase acknowledge this nod, and include Mad Men references in The Many Saints Of Newark?

If a Mad Men/Sopranos shared universe is coming, and Don Draper is a part of it, it could be the perfect way for Jon Hamm to return to a role that made him famous. Who knows? Maybe Don had dealings with the Soprano family that we never saw?

This is all assuming Jon Hamm has enough time to do such a thing. Because, if he does end up playing the voice of Boba Fett in the next Star Wars movie, he might be kind of busy.

The Many Saints of Newark does not have a release date.