BB-8 Spoke Yiddish at the 2018 Oscars and We're All Confused


Did you know that everyone’s new favorite Star Wars droid was speaking Yiddish this whole time?

Sunday night at the 90th Academy Awards ceremony, the astromech droid that stole our hearts in Star Wars: The Force Awakens rolled up to the front of the stage at the Dolby Theater to present Best Animated Short Film and Best Feature Film. He did so alongside his Last Jedi co-stars Oscar Isaac, Mark Hamill, and Kelly Marie Tran. Isaac, who plays BB-8’s owner Poe Dameron in the new Star Wars trilogy, might’ve confirmed that the droid spoke Yiddish.

Oscar Isaac, acting half in-character — as many presenters tend to do — first translated BB-8’s concerns that the droid was the only guy without a tux on. Tran explained it away as what we might as well call droidism, because every designer refused to work with BB-8 in designing something nicer to wear.

In Armani and other designers’ defense, BB-8 is literally a rolling ball with a head.

Just before the quadrio presented a second away for Best Animated Feature, Isaac clarified that he’s the only one that can understand BB-8 because he’s speaking Yiddish.

BB-8 had a hand in making Kobe Bryant perhaps the first person to have won an Oscar and five NBA championships for his work on the short animated film “Dear Basketball.” But he also solidified Coco’s victory over Boss Baby for Best Animated Feature.

Isaac did also give BB-8 a lil tickle:

Apparently, however, it wasn’t Yiddish at all:

And the joke fell a little flat for plenty of people:

This isn’t BB-8’s first appearance at the Academy Awards. He appeared on stage with R2-D2 and C-3PO two years ago, just two months after The Force Awakens first released. And chances are, he’ll be back in a few weeks following the release of Episode IX.

Will he still be speaking “Yiddish” then?

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