7 Netflix Original Debuts in March 2018

Here's what you can't miss.

It’s a new month and for Netflix users, that means new titles will be showing up and some favorites will be leaving the streaming service. On Thursdays, Netflix revealed what’s coming and what’s leaving in March 2018. There will be new documentaries, films and television series available to view at their fingerprints, including many new Netflix originals.

Since House of Cards made its way onto the television landscape, the streaming service has steadily increased its original offerings. In the beginning, we would have months of watching old favorite while waiting for another new series, but now each month brings a mix of comedy, drama and documentary offerings for our viewing pleasure. The big premiere this month will be Marvel’s Jessica Jones. The series had its first season in 2016 before the character starred in miniseries The Defenders. But fortunately, that is not all Netflix is bringing to the table thing month. Here are 5 of the service’s original content premiering this month.

7. The Mechanism

From the creators of Narcos comes new drama series The Mechanism. The drama is loosely inspired by one of the biggest corruption schemes in Brazil. When a smuggler turned successful money launderer a group of investigators makes it their mission to take this dangerous criminal down. The series premieres March 23.

6. Collateral

Oscar-nominated actress Carey Mulligan is the latest actress making her way to Netflix. She is the lead of British crime drama Collateral. Mulligan will play British detective Kip Glaspie who is working in present-day London to discover the truth of a seemingly random act of violence. Her investigation will lead her to the world of state secrets and prejudice, but Glaspie is determined to get to the truth. The four-episode limited series will hit Netflix March 9.

5. Santa Clarita Diet

Keeping the existence of zombies a secret in suburbia will get much harder for the Hammond family when Santa Clarita Diet returns March 23. Drew Barrymore stars as Shiela Hammond, a woman who has been turned into a zombie and her family helps her with her craving for flesh and keeping her secret. Timothy Olyphant and Liv Hewson play her husband and daughter. In the second season, the increasing number of bodies will make it hard to stay under the radar while the Hammonds try to discover the mystery of Shiela’s turning.

4. Flint Town

On March 2, Netflix is releasing documentary series Flint Town. The series will focus on the town of Flint, Michigan where tension with the police is combined with poverty and a dire water crisis. Members of the community and police will be followed to explore what is going on in the city. The 8-part series will provide a deep dive into the state of the city and provide a place for many of its residents to use their own words to speak out.

3. Game Over, Man!

Action comedy Game Over, Man! is making its way to Netflix on March 23. Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm play friends who are exciting about getting their video game financed until terrorists take a number of people hostage, including their benefactor. The trio must band together to save the day and to make sure the deal they’ve been dreaming is fulfilled.

2. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny will find themselves up against Count Olaf again in Season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events. The children will also face even more horror and danger when the series returns on March 30 as Olaf continues to chase their inheritance. Roger Bart, Lucy Punch, Sara Rue, Tony Hale and Nathan Fillion are among the series’ new faces.

1. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is coming back for her second adventure when the series returns March 8 on Netflix. Having struggled with her hero identity, Jones is now ready to face her issues head-on after killing Season 1 villain Kilgrave. Discovering who is responsible for killing her parents and conducting the experiments that gave her the powers she uses to save New York City are high on her agenda. Helping her out will be her best friend Trish Walker and neighbor-turned-burgeoning-coworker Malcolm.

Time to mark those calendars because Netflix definitely knows how to keep its users busy.

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