Netflix's 'Unfortunate Events' Season 2 Trailer Reveals Book Change 

On Tuesday, Netflix released a teaser trailer for season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Featuring Count Olaf (Neil Patrick Harris) taunting the audience about their New Year’s Eve hangovers and also confirmed the series will return with all new episodes on March 30, 2018. But in the brief glimpse into the action of those episodes, one relevant change from the books cropped up. It looks like little Sunny Baudelaire is standing up on her own while the Baudelaire orphans are still hanging out at Prufrock Preparatory School.

In the books, the Baudelaires are sent to the school in the fifth book, The Austere Academy. However, Sunny doesn’t start walking until the end of the The Vile Village, which is the seventh book, two installments after the Baudelaires leave Prufrock Preparatory School.

Sunny standing early.

It might not seem like a big change, but the ending of The Vile Village is a significant turning point in the series, and Sunny’s “self-sustaining steps” in the final pages signals that the children are no longer going to rely on adults for help. In fact, after book seven, the kids really start taking the fight to Count Olaf, and don their own variety of disguises.

Maybe Sunny is just holding Violet’s hand in the new trailer, but it really looks like she’s standing on her own, two stories earlier than she did in the books. To be fair, so far the series had made a plethora of additions to the novels, all of which add up to a faithful and delightful adaptation. But, from the looks of things, it seems like Sunny will grow up even faster in the Netflix series than she did in the books.

A Series of Unfortunate Events returns to Netflix on March 30, 2018.

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