Critics Are Weirdly Obsessed With the 'Ant-Man' Credits

Marvel's newest project boasts two post-credit sequences. And there's also apparently a movie.


The Twitterverse is buzzing today thanks to the verbal crumb trail left by the critics invited to an exclusive screening of Ant-Man. But the hype isn’t really for the movie or for the newest superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s all about the post-credit sequence.

Did Ant-Man hit the so-weird-it’s-good Guardians of the Galaxy sweet spot? Some said yes and others said no. But everyone agreed that it did some serious worldbuilding.

If we were to wager a guess as to what the post-credits sequences everyone keeps speculating about are, it’d have to be the first appearance of a Marvel-approved Spider-Man, and most likely Ant-Man meeting up with Nick Fury to join the Avengers for the upcoming Captain America sequel, Civil War.

Check out the post-credits sequences (oh, and the movie too) when Ant-Man is released in theaters on July 17.

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