'Rick and Morty' Might've Already Revealed a Season 4 Villain

'Rick and Morty' comics don't always relate directly to the show, but this could be an exception.

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We don’t know much about the upcoming Rick and Morty Season 4, but if the show’s creators decide to follow through on a new plot thread from the comics, then we might’ve just met one of the show’s coolest new villains: Krombopulos Michael’s widow.

Let’s call her Krombopulos Amy.

The Rick and Morty #34 comic from Oni Press, released Wednesday, details “The Life and Times of Krombopulos Michael,” including his neverending love for killing.

Spoilers follow for “The Life and Times of Krombopulos Michael” from Rick and Morty #34.

We get tons of revealing details about Michael’s professional relationship with Rick Sanchez, including a flashback where we meet an upbeat, lovestruck Rick Sanchez. The internet at large — including the comic’s writer and artist, Kyle Starks — loves to romanticize Rick’s past in this way. (Tons of fans even want to bone him, but that’s a whole other story.)

Unlike Rick, Krombopulos Michael says, “My only mistress is sweet, sweet Madame Murder.” But he couldn’t be more wrong.

Is there anything more unsettling to see than a happy Rick Sanchez in love?

Oni Press / Kyle Starks

But it’s like Rick says: “When love has a hit out on you, there’s no escape.” Much of the comic recycles Krombopulos Michael’s “I just love killing!” line from “Mortynight Run” in hilarious fashion. But as Rick and Morty is wont to do, the infinity universe proves as tragic as it is comic.

Shortly before the end of his life, Michael had a meet-cute with a Gromflomite named Amy when he visited his home planet Krombopulos.

Birdperson's wedding wasn't the first time Rick Sanchez was a best man.

Oni Press / Kyle Starks

And before you stop and think this might be a new character made up for the sake of a comic to add some depth, Amy actually appeared in the show, if only for the briefest moment during “Mortynight Run.”

Amy isn't named in 'Rick and Morty' until the comic.

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All of this makes Krombopulos Michael’s ultimate fate squashed like a bug under Rick’s ship that much more tragic. The jovial Gromflomite assassin left behind a loving wife. All this happened way back in the second episode of Season 2, so it’s easy for viewers to forget how Morty accidentally (but also kind of on purpose) murdered Krombopulos Michael.

Rick and Morty #34, however, reveals that Amy isn’t just a weeping widow lamenting the loss of her husband.

She’s a widow out for revenge.

Rick and Morty better watch out.

Oni Press / Kyle Starks

We can’t possibly know if the show might pick up where this storyline left off, but the cliffhanger ending definitely leaves the door open.

Could we see Krombopulos Amy don her late husband’s assassin gear to come after Rick and Morty in Season 4? Is it bad to say that we hope so?

*Rick and Morty Season 4 probably won’t air until sometime in 2019.**

For details about another big villain that’ll probably return next season, learn more about Evil Morty in this video:

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