How to Enter Tesla's Competition to Race its Upcoming Semi Truck


Tesla is letting some of its customers race around in one of its very own electric trucks. The Tesla Semi isn’t set to hit the roads until next year at the earliest, but Elon Musk’s firm is rewarding fans with a raffle entry for encouraging their friends to buy the company’s electric trucks.

Electrek reported Thursday that the Tesla referral program, which hands out prizes to people depending on how many others they persuade to buy a Tesla, has expanded ahead of the truck’s launch. Prior to the truck’s launch, set to retail at $150,000 for the basic 300-mile edition, buyers will be able to enter a raffle to race the vehicle that has already signed up support from big names like DHL and Wal-Mart.

Entry is simple:

  • Buy a Tesla Model S or Model X (if you don’t have one already). Alternatively, find a friend that already has one.
  • Find the owner’s unique link to the Tesla newsletter signup page and send it to the friend.
  • Once the friend signs up, both the referrer and the friend will be entered into a weekly raffle to race around a test track.

And that’s it! Tesla’s marketing literature hints at “additional prizes and trophies for the best track times,” so it may be best to work on your racing abilities with your existing Tesla. Musk told investors in June 2017 that early prototypes of the truck handle “like a sports car,” so this may help you prep for when the big day comes. Owners will be able to track their lap times and compare to other winners through the Tesla smartphone app.

Tesla Semi.

Tesla Semi.

There’s several other incentives for owners that persuade their friends to buy a Tesla. When using a referral code, the buyer will receive unlimited access to the supercharger network, the power points that provide up to 120 kilowatts to cut recharge times down to around half an hour. Owners will receive a tiered number of rewards depending on how many people they sign up.

  • One of two referrals is enough for either a matte black wall connector for the garage, complete with etch of Musk’s signature, or a Founders Series Tesla Model S for kids.
  • Three referrals gets either a set of premium wheels forged in aluminum, or an exclusive one-week test drive for either you or a friend.
  • Four referrals gets a Founders Series Powerwall 2 battery for storing renewable energy at home.
  • Five referrals is enough for either an invite to Tesla’s next unveiling event, or an early access token to buy the Tesla Solar Roof.

If you want to buy a Model 3, though, production delays mean you may be waiting a while.

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