Here Is the Biggest TV on Amazon Prime Because Why Not

We're not saying you need to buy it, but just look at this thing anyway.


There are TVs, those helpful, friendly screens that allow you to watch The Good Place and then there are TVs, those hulking monstrosities designed to ruin your life the moment you pop in your Blade Runner 2049 Blu-Ray. Both are certainly valid options to consider when upgrading from “eternally smudged laptop screen playing ex’s stolen Netflix”, and, to that end, we couldn’t help but wonder: what is the biggest TV you can buy on Amazon Prime right this minute?

Turns out, it’s the Samsung QLED 88-Inch 4K Ultra-HD Smart TV, clocking in at, you guessed it, 88 inches. How big is 88 inches? You’d only need about five of them to match a movie theater screen in diagonal length. THAT’S how big, The whole thing will run you a cool $19,997, which in my opinion is too much, but if you want and can afford this insanely big, very nice, bezel-less TV, go right ahead.

But don’t say we never do nothing for ya, there are still extremely big, cheaper options out there. Sony offer a 75 inch 4K TV for about a quarter of the Samsung’s price, while LG, esteemed purveyors of the most reliable, high-quality, and downright affordable screens on the market, have a 65-inch model for less than $800. For the very budget conscious, and those who don’t necessarily need a terrifying, imposing black void dominating their living room, may I suggest the VIZIO 48inch 1080p HD TV. It will only set you back $400. Not bad for a TV by one of the most reliable brands on the market. 48 inches is nothing to scoff at, either. Finally, you can go big and stay home.

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