'Solo' Will Be Shorter than 'Last Jedi' But Longer than 'A New Hope'


Finding out how long Solo will be isn’t quite enough to get us excited, but the rumored runtime for the standalone Star Wars spinoff seemingly confirms one thing. It will be shorter than The Last Jedi.

On Monday, the Google result for Solo: A Star Wars Movie puts the film’s total length at 2 hours and 23 minutes. It’s unclear where Google is pulling this information from exactly, though Comicbook speculated on Monday that the completion of an “assembly cut” of the film might have happened sometime last week, which could be connected to Google’s runtime projection.

Realistically, this runtime sounds about right. Though it’s not the shortest movie in the Star Wars franchise (that would be the original film at 2 hours and 5 minutes.) It’s no the longest either. The Last Jedi broke that record in 2017 with its hefty 2 hours and 32 minutes runtime.


For reference, here’s how the rumored length of Solo stacks up against the runtimes of other Star Wars films.

A New Hope: 125 minutes (2 hours and 5 mins)
The Empire Strikes Back: 127 minutes (2 hours and 7 minutes)
Return of the Jedi: 136 minutes (2 hours and 16 minutes)
The Phantom Menace: 136 minutes (2 hours and 16 minutes)
Attack of the Clones: 142 minutes (2 hours and 22 minutes)
Revenge of the Sith: 140 minutes (2 hours and 20 minutes)
The Force Awakens: 135 minutes (2 hours and 15 minutes)
Rogue One: 133 minutes (2 hours and 13 minutes)
The Last Jedi: 152 minutes (2 hours and 32 minutes)
Solo: A Star Wars Story: 143 minutes (2 hours and 23 minutes)

If this runtime turns out to be correct, Solo will be one minute longer than Attack of the Clones. That 2002 film actually has a lot in common with Solo. Both are Star Wars prequel movies that tell the origin story of a hotheaded character when he was younger. Clones featured the origin of Boba Fett, and if we’re getting serious, a cameo from Fett in the Solo isn’t crazy at all. The question about Fett showing up in Solo is simple: will Jon Hamm do the voice?

Solo: A Star Wars Story is out everywhere on May 25.

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