'Black Panther' Kicks Ass in New Trailer With New Kendrick Track

Marvel fans are only about a month away from getting to explore Wakanda when Black Panther opens up in theaters, and a new trailer that dropped during the CFP National Championship should only stoke that excitement. The 90-second spot, titled “Rise,” contains several shots we’ve seen in previous trailers, but there are a bunch of sweet-looking new action shots and, what sounds like a brand-new Kendrick Lamar and Vince Staples song, presumably off of the soundtrack album that Lamar’s producing.

The trailer opens with Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) interrogating Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis). The first Black Panther trailer, the one with the Run the Jewels song in it, also contained this scene, though the dialogue is different. In Monday’s new trailer, Ross is skeptical (or pretending to be skeptical) about T’Challa’s secret identity as the Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman).

“You’re telling me that the king of a third-world country runs around in a bullet-proof cat suit?” he says.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself,” the restrained Klaue responds, pointing at the one-way mirror as T’Challa looks on.

From there, it’s action scenes, shots of everyone in T’Challa’s entourage looking extremely cool, and Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger explaining his motivations.

That’s also when the new song, the title of which hasn’t officially been revealed yet, starts to kick in. Consensus on Twitter seems to be that it’s a Kendrick Lamar and Vince Staples track, which makes sense. K-Dot is producing the soundtrack LP, Black Panther: The Album, and already released a new track for the film in last week’s much more reflective “All the Stars.” Kendrick was also performing the half-time show at the CFP National Championship game, and Disney, which owns both ABC and Marvel, loves synergy. Staples, meanwhile, lent a thrilling remix of his song “BagBak” to the second trailer.

Black Panther opens on February 16.