This $15 Class Will Teach You How to Get the Most Out of Your Raspberry Pi

Get ready to live a life of Pi. Sorry.

by Inverse Loot

As you probably already know, we’re huge fans of the Raspberry Pi, the dinky little computer you could carry around in your wallet, if you want. The Raspberry Pi is an underrated piece of machinery. Because of its minute size, it often gets overlooked, and most people don’t get to discover its full potential. Initially created for teaching basic computer science, people have found uses for it in home automation, robotics, and, yes, Bitcoin mining.

For the layman, experimenting with the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi is the best way to get a good understanding of computers as a whole. That’s where the Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Bootcamp comes in. Sounds exciting! You’ll get your hands dirty and work on a wide range of projects, from building a gaming system to play classic video games, to developing a personal digital assistant using the Google Assistant API. Now you can call Alexa whatever the hell you want.

This virtual training program starts simple, then gives you everything you need to get cracking on even your most ambitious projects. From identifying the components needed to get your Raspberry Pi up and running, to creating fully-functioning gaming systems with “RetroPie”, which is a cool name for something.

Usually $100, Inverse readers can get The Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Bootcamp for only $15 – right now.

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