8 Tech Must-Haves That Can Help You and Your Phone Survive The Winter

Just because you're cold doesn't mean you can't scroll through Instagram.


Winter is very much here. That means staying in more, scraping the —bottom of the barrel on Netflix, desperately searching for anything you haven’t seen fifteen times or just plain hated. That also means being way too cold whenever you’re outside, and way too hot whenever you’re inside, because we, as a society, still have no clue how to dress on any given winter’s day.

But, there are systems in place to help us stay warm and even some ways to prevent dropping your phone in a melted snow puddle. Here are the very best accessories and gadgets to help you live your best digital life this winter.


MPHABON Screen Gloves

No winter wear ensemble is complete without touchscreen gloves. Gone are the days of fumbling around with both your gloves AND your phone in hand, before all three inevitably go tumbling into a storm drain. Never again. [Amazon, $8.99]


C.VOX Resourceful Miles Men’s Athletic Sports Jacket

This thing has it all: A headphone jack, built-in earphones, Bluetooth connectivity, and even blinking safety lights. You could live in it if it were ten times bigger. [Amazon, $124.99]

FosPower 10200 mAh Power Bank

Your days of running out of juice on Everest, for example, are over. This battery pack will recharge your phone, and it can survive just about anything the elements may deign to throw at it. Will survive in your pocket in the middle of a blizzard no problem. [Amazon, $26.99]


Warlxun Hands-Free Bluetooth Hat

It comes with Bluetooth 4.0, a rechargeable battery, built-in speakers, and microphones for playing music and taking calls, and, get this, it keeps your noggin warm. What more could you ask for? [Amazon, $22.99]


GliderGlove Copper Infused Touch Screen Gloves

A more up-market version of the classic touchscreen glove: the Gloderglove comes equipped with palm grips, a screen cleaning inside the gloves themselves, and, for some unnecessary-but-impressive-all-the-same reason, the entire glove is touchscreen compatible. Not just the fingertips. [Amazon, $14.99]

Chaos Ready

Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack

Would you believe it, a backpack made by a brand named “Chaos Ready” is, in fact, chaos ready. It’s fully waterproof, meaning you can dunk this bad boy in water until it’s fully submerged. Why you would do that when your laptop’s in there, I don’t know. The point is, you can. [Amazon, $36.99]


HighEver Bluetooth Gloves

Bluetooth Gloves. Damn, what are they going to think of next? These are like your standard smartphone gloves, except you can control the volume, and pick up/reject calls right from the glove itself without pulling your phone out of your pocket at all. Wild. [Amazon, $21.99]


Vbiger Winter Warm Gloves

A sportier, more streamlined take on the traditional phone gloves. They’re not as heavy duty, they won’t protect you from plunging your hand into a bucket of ice water, but they’re inconspicuous and can be stuffed into your back pocket when you don’t need them. [Amazon, $13.99]