People Tweeting Their High School Horror Stories is Painfully Funny

Unbelievable and yet somehow, totally real.

Unsplash / Caleb Woods

In the weird hours after Christmas, we all need something to make us laugh. Luckily, a thread started by BuzzFeed reporter Katie Notopoulos on Twitter is the antidote for our souls today — and yes, it’s about high school drama.

For many of us, high school is a time we intentionally blur out. But there’s always one or two major “incidents” everyone remembers because at the time, they shook the school to its core.

“What was ‘the incident’ in your high school?” Notopoulos tweeted Monday. The tweet quickly garnered tons of replies, including one from this still-shaken reporter:

Other stories were much, much more absurd than “smok weed.” Honestly, this whole thread should be made into a book — a book of nightmares, but still:

When life imitates art… or maybe the other way around?


It’d be a shame to leave this one out:

Ah, yes, drugs and sheetrock — a classic mix-up.

Honestly, this is why we all repress our high school memories. While high school only lasts four years, the nightmares last forever!

At least now, we can all tweet about it.