Bill Nye Predicts the Future of 'Star Wars', Elon Musk, and Football

Apparently Bill Nye did not like Star Wars.

by Inverse Video

In another installment of Future or Forgotten, Bill Nye comes to the Inverse office to try his hand at predicting the next 150 years of Star Wars, Elon Musk, and Football.

Nye wasn’t a huge fan of the Star Wars movies to begin with, so he’s especially not that psyched about the 50+ new movies coming out in the next 150 years. You may have different opinions about the Star Wars franchise, but he does some pretty convincing math to lead him to his Star Wars-filled future conclusion.

His prediction about Elon Musk is fairly short and sweet, but when we get down to the future of football vs. ultimate frisbee … I guess you just have to watch it.

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