The 26 Best Bitcoin Memes of 2017, from Funny to Painfully Relatable

Don't forget to "hodl."

Getty Images / Andrew Burton

Bitcoin is making waves. As the cryptocurrency closes in on the $20,000 mark, more people are considering a jump into the community. It’s a vibrant arena, with a number of forums and groups set up for sharing tips, explaining the basics to newbies, or even sharing some good Bitcoin memes.

Newcomers are getting into the market for a wide variety of reasons You might be interested because of the blockchain —the underlying technology that securely logs transactions between participants — or because you’re interested in charity ventures like the Pineapple Fund. Perhaps you’re simply looking to “hodl” — a term for buying Bitcoin and holding onto it with the expectation that the price will rise, born of a typo in an old forum post.

It’s not just Bitcoin, either — Ethereum and Litecoin, two “altcoins,” have also surged in value as interest in the wider cryptocurrency market spills out into alternative means.

Here are the 26 best memes from around the cryptocurrency communities.

The Pressure


Small Wins

Playing the Crypto Markets


Future is Here

“Wanna Hang Out?”


“No Neo…”

Getting In Late

When Someone Mentions Fiat Currency


Working Hard


How it Feels

Reaching New Highs


Getting Friends Involved

In the Classroom


Getting the Round In


Buy the Dip

Holding Onto Your Investment

Getting in on that Litecoin

Time to Buy!

Off the Charts

Holding Like a Pro


You Know it Makes Sense


Getting People On Board

Finally Investing

Markets Are Hard

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