'Last Jedi' Star's Instagram Best Nine: Kelly Marie Tran Had A Great Year

Tran goes from normal person to celebrity overnight, and Instagram captures it all. 

Kelly Marie Tran, the breakout star of The Last Jedi, had a really, really good year. The Vietnamese-American actress from San Diego co-starred in one of 2017’s most anticipated films, turning into a celebrity overnight.

And, as the promotional season for the film kicked off, she joined Instagram in October, giving fans a refreshingly open inside look into the life of a newly-minted star.

Kelly Marie Tran's best nine Instagram photos, as determined by number of likes. 

The actress, the first Asian-American actress to star in a Star Wars film, uses Instagram as it was originally meant to be used: as a visual, social diary. In other words, she’s real. She often contrasts selfies of her natural self, without make-up, with the pictures of the glamorous camera-ready version.

But even in the glammed-up versions, she’s still goofing off, like one of her most popular photos from the year, which shows her lifting up her couture dress to reveal the colorful sneakers she has on underneath.

It’s her relatability that makes her Instagram so popular. Though Tran is still a newcomer to the app — and, of course, to Hollywood — she’s already had 288,809 likes this year.

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