The Metal Horn Has Risen From the Ashes of Your Shattered Texts

All praise the Dark Lord of coding.


Emoji makers have buckled under pressure from the not-so-subtle metal community and created the emoji metal horn. The emoji of the older, crueler gods. Sure, Unicode announced 36 other emojis, but who gives a damn. The mosh pit wants what it wants.

This is the latest sign that emojis may one day supplant the written word. Finally, we have a way to express that which is unspoken in our hearts. The brutal smell of your newborn baby? Metal horns. Buying plane tickets for you and your lover to the French countryside? Metal horns. The je nai sais quoi of a freshly pressed copy of the “Reign In Blood” vinyl reissue? Metal horns. 

Feel free to look over the lesser offerings at Unicode accompanied by Mastodon’s prog masterpiece “Leviathan” in celebration.