Twitter Will Always Be Awesome for PR Disaster Rubbernecking

When brands talk to humans, other humans win.

Twitter is in a bit of a slump. It has CEO problems, harassment problems, money problems, and is going Slack to keep up with the competition. But if there’s one thing Twitter has mastered in 2015, it’s PR spectacle. 

Prior to the Internet, discourse between brands and humans was a completely different thing, a one-way street of passive advertising running parallel to a street of bile and hatred. Now, we’ve embraced a system that could be succinctly described as “clusterfuck.” And no place does it better than Twitter. There, you’ll get homophobic customers “who do not agree with that lifestyle! #disappointed” ranting at airlines. And airlines responding! 

Boom. American Airlines FTW.

And it’s only on Twitter where you’ll find cable companies setting themselves up for a sick Lord of the Rings burn, via SNL writer Colin Jost.

It’s Twitter where we also get to watch marketing gurus grasp at a fleeting sense of social currency:

And it is weird Twitter where the bleakness of hamburger restaurant ad campaigns becomes apparent:

Twitter is Don Draper’s nightmare.

Gotta love watching massive organizations trying to win fighting fights they can’t possibly win. Keep at it social media managers! You’ve got English degrees and you’re (accidentally) creating masterpieces.

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