Kate McKinnon Reveals "The Power of Gal Gadot" to Jimmy Fallon

While Kate McKinnon’s impression of Hillary Clinton is great, her imitation of Gal Gadot is truly something to behold. During an appearance this week on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Saturday Night Live star showed off her stunning impression of the breakout Wonder Woman star, proving that there should be a movie featuring Kate McKinnon as all of her unbelievable alter-egos.

While promoting her latest movie Ferdinand, McKinnon stopped by to chat with Fallon — who should probably stop repeating the same jokes as his guests, by the way — where she debuted her impression of Gadot, the phenomenally popular star of Wonder Woman and Justice League. McKinnon says she mastered the spot-on impression when Gadot hosted an episode of SNL over the summer.

During the gag, McKinnon joked about being “a midwestern toad” compared to Gadot, “a Mediterranean goddess.” She also gave some helpful homeowner tips while playing Gadot, proving the Israeli actress can make just about anything interesting. Suddenly, everyone’s interested in mortgaging a house.

She also commented on the “power of Gal Gadot,” when during a Tuesday night dinner with the cast, she was able to make the SNL cast members go around the room and announce something they’ve never told anyone before — even SNL creator Lorne Michaels. “That’s the power of Gal Gadot,” McKinnon said.


Meanwhile, I’m just sitting here thinking how awesome an action-comedy-horror movie featuring Kate McKinnon and all of her impressions as alter-egos would be. Seriously, have you seen her other work? Holtzmann doesn’t just do Gadot and Clinton right, she’s also got Kellyanne Conway, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, young Justin Bieber, Ellen, and even Jeff Sessions as if he were born as a goblin. This could be the next Split.

Gadot obviously made an impact on the SNL cast and crew, based on McKinnon’s interview. It’s well-known that guests have dinner every Tuesday with the cast, as a kind of icebreaker before the week ahead. Gadot apparently compelled everyone present to reveal something they’ve never told anyone before — including long-standing, notorious SNL producer Lorne Michaels, who’s well-known for being neither candid nor personable.

McKinnon says Michaels wound up telling a story (which she kept from revealing, naturally) and the whole experience was “transformative” for the SNL talents. Seems Wonder Woman really can make a difference.

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