Could Netflix Drop 'Black Mirror' Season 4 By Surprise? 

There’s no question that Black Mirror season4 is going to rock, assuming of course, that we ever figure out when it’s going to come out. Two new trailers for specific episodes of the new season have been released by Netflix, however this whole lack of a release date is starting to feel like a Black Mirror episode IRL. But, could the show be released on a surprise date?

On November 25 and 26, Netflix published episodic trailers from the episodes “Arkangel” and “Crocodile” from the new season. Of the two, the Jodie Foster-directed “Arkangel” certainly looks to be the more terrifying, particularly if you’re a parent. The premise seems to involve a subcutaneous brain implant that gives children more confidence than they would normally possess. Watching even this short snippet will give most nice people chills.

Meanwhile, the trailer for “Crocodile” is less specific, though it does focus on a machine that can read the memories of specific people. While this trope has occurred in numerous sci-fi stories, the low-tech matter-of-fact approach here is refreshingly jarring.

But, is Netflix playing some kind of long con? Because neither trailer indicates when the new season will drop, it feels like there’s a possibility that the new season could be released by surprise. Earlier this year, Netflix established a soft precedent for this kind of thing when they intentionally obscured the release date for The Punisher. With that in mind, it seems possible that Black Mirror season 4, could suddenly just appear, without announcing itself.

Unless of course, Black Mirror season 4 doesn’t really exist at all, and we’re all just being tested to see what kinds of reactions we have to trailers about a TV show that will never air. If creator Charlie Brooker really wanted to make a statement about the way we all interact with media, then not-releasing the show, ever but constantly teasing it would becomeBlack Mirror’s crowning achievement.

Black Mirror is thought to return sometime in 2018.

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