5 Foods That Will Taste Different Without Trans Fats

The FDA has made a final ruling on trans fats. Here's how this will effect your snacks 

For years, we have known that trans fats are artery cloggers and we have continued to eat them anyway. Not anymore. The FDA has announced its final verdict on the controversial quasi-foodstuff: “There is no longer a consensus among qualified experts that partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs)…are generally recognized as safe for any use in human foods.” 

In other words, they’re terrible for you.

This is bad news for the snack food industry and good news for your body, the health industry, and Malaysia for once (as that is where the alternate Palm oil is produced). The ban will reportedly cost the food industry $6.2 billion over a twenty year period. However, the country will benefit $140 billion from lower spending on health care.

Here are five snacks that will be changed forever:

1. Doritos

How it will be different: The cheese will most likely now have to be cheese so… likely to be a bit more filling and less sodiumtastic.

2. Canned Frosting 

 How it will be different: Canned frosting tastes nothing like frosting so maybe that will change. It will remain bad for you.

3. Microwave Popcorn 

How it will be different: The popcorn itself isn’t changing, but the butter substitutes will. Expect a small shift in taste. Our butter substitute tech is strong. 

4.Dunkin’ Doughnuts 

How it will be different: See above for “real frosting.”

5. Wonderbread

How it will be different: This one probably won’t be salvageable. It will now be displayed in museums, where our great-great grandchildren can look upon it and read plaques about how their ancestors used to actually eat this. How adorably primitive. 

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