'Justice League' Stars Want Evil Justice League for Movie's Sequel

After Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and (probably) Superman unite to save the world in Justice League, fans will already be wondering about the sequel. We know there are at least two post-credits scenes for the movie, which almost certainly set-up what will happen in future installments. The main antagonist of of Justice League is the god-like Steppenwolf, but who’s next? Actors Ezra Miller and Gal Gadot are interested in fighting a few specific DC comics heavies.

On November 11, Comicbook reported that Miller and Gadot talked to Postmedia Network about their villain preferences for a potential Justice League sequel. “I think seeing some incarnation of the Injustice League would be something that DC fans would be pretty stoked about,” Ezra Miller said.

Basically, the Injustice League is like Suicide Squad only actually evil, and Lex Luthor is a part of it. Miller is probably right, too. Bringing in a version of what is essentially the evil version of the Justice League is probably the best way to raise the stakes for a potential sequel. Plus, the fact that Lex Luthor was supposedly cut from Justice League only leaves a void waiting to be filled. Like the Joker (also a member of the Injustice League) Lex Luthor is awesome because he doesn’t have superpowers.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in 'Batman V.Superman'

Meanwhile, in the same interview, Gadot said she wanted to take on Cheetah, a character who is usually viewed as Wonder Woman’s primary foil. “There’s so many good villains in the DC universe, but I would love to fight Cheetah,” Gadot said.

When Justice League 2 actually will be made and released isn’t entirely clear. Though Warner Bros had originally planned to release the sequel sometime in 2019, that is looking less and less likely every day. For now, the Justice League will finally unite this Friday, November 17 as the film hits theaters everywhere.

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