'Stranger Things 2' Star Gets Caught Teasing 'Nightwing' Casting Rumors

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He’s made stops in Angel Grove and Hawkins, Indiana, but now Dacre Montgomery may now be on his way to Gotham City. Maybe. In a pair of deleted social media posts, Montgomery shared photos of the DC Comics character Nightwing, fueling rumors that he is close to or had landed the coveted role in the upcoming movie Nightwing from director Chris McKay.

On Saturday, Montgomery, who recently turned heads as the intimidating bully Billy in Season 2 of Netflix’s Stranger Things, uploaded an illustration of Nightwing without any accompanying caption to his Twitter and Instagram pages. It wasn’t long until Montgomery quickly deleted them, but this being the internet, of course there are screenshots.

With Warner Bros. getting to work on Nightwing, a solo movie featuring the first Robin, Dick Grayson, as an adult crime-fighter, Montgomery’s social media posts understandably fueled speculation regarding the highly-anticipated DC film.

As for Montgomery, the Australian actor has already gotten his feet wet in the superhero movie space. Earlier this year, he played Jason Scott, the Red Ranger in Saban’s Power Rangers, a role that was only a little different from his more popular Billy Hargrove.

Montgomery's deleted Twitter post, which was initially posted on late Saturday evening.


As of now, the star of Nightwing is still up in the air. Back in September, director Chris McKay, who also directed The Lego Batman Movie, confirmed on Twitter that casting was underway and that the filmmakers were taking their time. “No one has been cast yet,” McKay said on Twitter. “We are taking our time. We are going to cast a wide net .. because we need to find the perfect person. We need to get the script right. We need this to movie to blow your mind.”

In DC’s comic book universe, Nightwing is most popularly the identity of Dick Grayson, the first Robin who matures into his own crime-fighting vigilante. But the name, “Nighwing,” is borrowed from Superman, who at one time adopted the identity and named himself after a special bird that inhabits Krypton.

Stranger Things Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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