Could Instagram Asshole Dan Bilzerian Shake Up the 2016 Campaign?

He's declared his candidacy, or something

If we’re believing a flyer for a party that Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian is throwing (I’ll believe anything at this point), the social media partyboy is planning to run for president. Given that Bilzerian puts suitcases full of money where his pro-gun, anti-tax mouth is — while seeming super lonely — his ridiculous presence might actually shake up the fairly-wide-open Republican primary.

Mostly, though, it’s a harbinger for what a sideshow this Republican primary season is going to be as the party scrambles to unify itself. While Bilzerian isn’t a real candidate, what this “announcement” can do is ignite a bunch of uncomfortable conversations about gun control, party values and how the party can engage indifferent millennial white dudes, the very people they need to turn out at the polls next year.

At the very least, you can look at Bilzerian as something that might be tantalizing to idiots: Think Donald Trump, but younger. Bilzerian will turn 35, the minimum age for a president, in December.

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