New ‘Justice League’ Poster Is the Biggest Superman Tease Yet


It is no secret to any DC fan that Superman will be in Justice League. But how Superman returns, and in what form, is the true mystery surrounding the forthcoming DC Universe film, which hits theaters on November 17. Now, the newest poster for Justice League continues the tease for the Man of Steel’s imminent comeback, and it’s the biggest one seen yet.

On Thursday, Fandango unveiled the exclusive free poster for customers who preorder Justice League tickets. In the poster, the handsome and beautiful mugs of the Justice League — Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman — form a doughnut-type shape, with the rough silhouette of Superman in the center “doughnut hole.”

And in keeping with the film’s marketing theme, again the “You Can’t Save the World Alone” slogan with the DC heroes’ symbols appears in gold, right in the middle, where “Superman” is outlined. In general, the poster is a clever design and truly pops with vibrant color, as all comic book movies should.

The exclusive Fandango 'Justice League' poster


Of course, DC hasn’t really done much to keep Superman’s return a “secret.” One of the first promotional images for Justice League, released on the film’s official website, features Superman, played by Henry Cavill, right alongside his superhero teammates. Another poster, from artist Lee Bermejo, which will be available for sale at MondoCon 2017, also has Cavill’s Superman featured prominently. There’s also a ton of Superman merchandise released for Justice League, such as that nifty new era baseball hat modeled after Superman’s black suit, which he may or may not wear in the movie.

Since it began in 2013 with Man of Steel, the DC movie universe has been moving towards the epic event of Justice League. Last year, Zack Snyder pitted Batman and Superman against each other in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the summer of 2016, several DC villains teamed up for Suicide Squad, then the Amazonian princess herself starred in her own feature film, Wonder Woman, which was a massive box office success.

Justice League is out everywhere on November 17.

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