Fan Film Pits Marvel's Black Panther Against a Power Ranger

Marvel is no stranger to crossovers. But, fan and filmmaker Andrew Kim has taken it to the next level, with a new one-minute short on YouTube featuring the MCU’s Black Panther fighting the Purple Wolf Ranger, from 2008’s Power Rangers Jungle Fury. Quite literally, it’s cats versus dogs in this unexpected, and surprisingly well-made, showdown.

Uploaded onto YouTube last Saturday, “Black Panther vs Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger” is the latest martial arts demonstration by Andrew Kim, whose channel Kamen Ramen Studios regularly combines cosplay with Kim’s martial arts choreography. Many of Kim’s videos are short fight scenes featuring cosplay of Power Rangers, anime, Marvel, and DC, as well as videos showing off other people’s cosplay at various conventions around the U.S.

Kim, whose channel was originally made to promote his martial arts school, has become his own personal creative playground. “I focus on martial arts movies because they have a special place in my heart,” he writes on his YouTube page. “I just love the philosophy behind them and the action.”

True to his word, there’s some actual thought to his video, which is more than just fighters in cosplay. As seen in the video, Kim designed the Purple Ranger’s fighting style around Muay Thai, the kickboxing style from Thailand, which the Purple Ranger used in the show. Similarly, Black Panther fights with animalistic instinct, exhibited by the way he flips and poses during the fight. It is unknown which of the characters Kim plays.

See the fight above.

Marvel’s Black Panther will be released in theaters on February 16, 2018.

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