'Last Jedi' International Trailer: New C-3PO and Rey Scenes 

C-3PO had a red robot arm in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but when he returns in The Last Jedi, he’ll be back to his totally golden-self.

On Monday, the international trailer for Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi found its way online. For those who have watched the last two trailers and probed each trailer to reveal all their secrets, this new one isn’t that different. However, it does feature Rey straight up saying “I need help,” which may be directed at Luke Skywalker, but also might be a question she’s asking of Kylo Ren or Supreme Leader Snoke.

The trailer is also notable because it features the first shot of C-3PO since we saw him in The Force Awakens. The trailer also has a few more shots of BB-8, but sadly, still, no R2-D2 in sight. All in all, the international trailer blends the tones of the first and second domestic trailers, giving the viewer the sense that Luke not only wants the Jedi to end, but is also super afraid of Rey.

Rey needs help!

For those who love C-3PO being afraid of literally every situation, there’s no new antsy dialogue from the paranoid droid this time out. Which means we still have something to look forward to on December 15, when The Last Jedi hits theaters.

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