Trailer for Godzilla Anime Reveals the King of the Monsters' Wrath

The King of the Monsters made a very brief appearance at the end of an earlier trailer for the upcoming anime Godzilla: Monster Planet. But in a new trailer, he’s out in full force — and mad.

On Monday, the Toho Animation YouTube channel uploaded a new un-subtitled Japanese trailer for the film. Notably, it features Godzilla getting a bit ticked off that it’s being shot at from tanks and air speeders (set to the J-pop tune “White Out” by Xai). Godzilla then shoots a huge blue laser beam that causes all kinds of destruction. Also seen: pterodactyl-like Kaiju fighting mechs, which is always a plus.

Godzilla: Monster Planet is set in the far future, after the human race fled Earth due to the presence of Godzilla and other giant monsters called Kaiju. Decades pass before they’re forced to return to Earth and attempt to take back their planet from the monsters.

The first Godzilla anime film looks like it’s taking full advantage of the medium to throw in a bunch of potentially cool stuff. Japanese fans will be able to find out if the film delivers next month, but the rest of the world will have to wait until 2018 to watch it on Netflix.

Gozilla: Monster Planet is scheduled for a November 17 release in Japan. It will be available on Netflix in 2018.

So, does Godzilla have a dick? Check out this video for an in-depth analysis.

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