How to Make an Elon Musk Halloween Costume

How to dress like the SpaceX, Tesla, and Boring Company chief.

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So you want to be Elon Musk for Halloween but think you’ll end up looking like just another person in a white oxford shirt and a black suit jacket? Avoid that scenario with this 2017 guide to letting everyone know you’re Musk for Halloween, without saying a word. As you know, Musk is a massive nerd and doesn’t have much of a Look™. But if you want to sort of adopt a slight South African accent and strike up conversation about colonizing Mars over a bowl of blood orange punch with floating eyeballs, here’s a guide on what to wear while doing so.


This is pretty much the haircut. It’s basic. Musk was once going bald and theories abound about how his hair returned, but if you cut your hair like this, or perhaps, buy some dye or even a wig, you’ll be good to go. This $17 “used car salesman wig,” — with some precision scissoring — may get you close to the look:

A shirt

A few different looks.

OK, so you could dress a few different ways for Musk’s shirt: A black-t-shirt/flannel, tie, or casual oxford shirt are all options. But all are pretty nondescript. If you look to pop-culture depictions of Musk, you’ll see him sporting a black polo shirt on The Simpsons and a black t-shirt on Big Bang Theory. Black seems to be a theme, so your best bet may be to buy a $22 “Occupy Mars” shirt from SpaceX and like, pair it with a flannel you bought at Target. Easy!


If you’re to look at this photo posted by the creators of Rick and Morty to their Twitter account, you’ll see Musk at SpaceX headquarters, wearing what look like black jeans. Easy! And if you Google Elon Musk Pants, you’ll find this website that identifies Musk as wearing “Slim Fit Dark Indigo Jeans” from Perry Ellis:

Boots of a Rocket Scientist

If you’re going to adopt the costume of a rocket scientist or someone who spends time at a robotic manufacturing center like the Tesla assembly plant in California, a pair of boots like these Dickies boots should do:

A Finishing Touch

If you can’t or won’t attempt a totally new haircut for Halloween, remember that Halloween costumes are all about going over-the-top and sometimes offering caricatures of the character you’re adopting. All that said, get something that just says the name of another of Musk’s companies, like this $20 hat from The Boring Company.

There you have it. Achieve the non-Look™ of Elon Musk and brush up on your sci-fi references. Oh, and what does Musk go as on Halloween? That’d be Anubis, the the Egyptian god of mummification:

He's on the left. 

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