These Commercials Made by Mars Candy Are Scaring the Crap Out of Viewers

The candy company is rolling out a series of scary short films.

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Halloween is synonymous with scary movies and an irresponsible overconsumption of candy, so it makes sense that Mars candy brands would try to combine the two. Teaming up with Fox, the company has been airing two-minute-long short films that are scaring the crap out of unsuspecting viewers. And even better: they’re really good.

Called “Bite Size Horror,” each short film is sponsored by a different candy, like Skittles or Snickers. Adweek reports that Mars is planning on rolling out 12 films in total. So far, the one that seems to have gotten the most “wtfs,” aired during the Yankees played the Indians on October 11.

Called “Floor 9.5,” director Toby Meakins told Adweek he wanted the film to feel like a “short, Kafkaesque nightmare.” In what’s really a pretty incredible film, a woman leaving work late at night encounters a very eerie situation on an empty floor of her office building.

Unsuspecting baseball fans had no idea what they were in for.

Mars has released a few more of the shorts as well. “The Road,” directed by Jack Bishop and Justin Nijm, details what happens when you tell ghost stories on abandoned roads late at night.

There’s also a fisherman-themed freaky story called “Live Bait,” directed by Andrew Laurich.

Then there’s “Replacement,” directed by Christopher Leone, which will strike deep into the heart of any paranoid kid who’s watching at home.

To see what other kinds of scares Mars has up its sleeve, tune into Fox and FX during prime time. Now, at least, you’ll be prepared.

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