2 Huge Twists Revealed in 'The Last Jedi' Trailer

What the force was that?!

by Inverse Video

‘The Last Jedi’ trailer has been released into the wild and our very own Ryan Britt has some pretty interesting takeaways from the release. In the ultimate Good Cop/Bad Cop in outer space, Snoke and Luke have the exact opposite reactions you’d think they would. They’re going to have to explain that one pretty well, Snoke getting more screen time is already giving a lot of people goosebumps. Speaking of screen time, Luke Skywalker appears more in this trailer than he does in the entirety of The Force Awakens. Frankly, the more Mark Hamil the better.

‘The Last Jedi’ comes out December 15th, and if you’re looking for a costume to wear, consider dressing up like a Porg. It may not be very comfortable, but if the Internet is any indication, you’ll be the most popular person in line.

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