Every Episode Of Rick And Morty Is The Same (And We Like It That Way)

Each episode of Rick and Morty follows a rigid storytelling structure.

by Inverse Video

For a show that has multiple dimensions and purge planets, Rick and Morty seems like the last show to follow a structure. Co-Creator Dan Harmon, however, has been a staunch Joseph Campbell fan since his 20’s, and that strict adherence to structure has help make Rick and Morty the show it is today.

It should be noted that Rick and Morty’s huge success has created an undercurrent of people who like the show but don’t like the fact that other people like the show. They feel drawn to it as though they understand Rick and Morty on a deeper level than most or are otherwise more connected to the material than someone who says ‘wubba lubba dub dub’ when they talk about the show. Whether this is caused by the same internal mechanism that makes the Heroes Journey resonate with almost everybody remains to be seen.

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