Is Vader's Face Hidden in the 'Last Jedi' Poster?

@ StarWarsJunk

OK, this is pretty good: Is Darth Vader’s famous helmet hidden in the poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi? A popular Star Wars blogger might be reaching a bit too far with this theory posted on Twitter, but once you see it, you cannot unsee it.

The poster isn’t merely a fan-made poster, cool as those are, but the real deal, and as such is fodder for all sorts of speculation in the months before the The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.

While some say the newest poster is made infinitely better with porgs — probably! — this one is still epic on its own, even without the Vader theory.

It was released on Monday night, ahead of the first official Last Jedi trailer.

But first, here’s the poster without Vader:

And here’s the poster that points out how Vader’s helmet might be hidden in there, courtesy of the amazing, prolific, creative @StarWarsJunk:

Not good enough? Here’s a GIF animation:

Finally, here’s the poster with a sort of highlighter-styled markings on it showing Vader’s helmet:

“Sorry but that’s a stretch…I don’t see it,” commented on Twitter user named Stephen. Alternatively, another Twitter user, named Gary Matthews, went, “Oh shit!” People are divided.

The poster is one of several Last Jedi posters that have been released this year. One Last Jedi poster with Luke Skywalker reunited the aged Jedi with his lightsaber.

Watch the Last Jedi trailer here:

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