This Woman Travels The World Playing Counter-Strike

'At first he didn't want me to play. EVER. I would sneak onto his computer.'

by Inverse Video

Professional Counter-Strike player Benita Novshadian has spent the past 9 years flying all over the world with her professional Counter-Strike team. In episode 3 of Button Mashers, host Zach Cherry flies to California to visit the CLG Red video gaming house.

Benita was introduced to the game by her older brother, but it didn’t take her long to dominate the competition and join a professional women’s team at the age of 15.

Button Mashers is an Inverse original series profiling some of the greatest competitors in the world: Professional eSports gamers. Each episode comedian, Zach Cherry visits the home of a different gamer, learning about their lives, daily routines, and game strategies.

All graphics for Button Mashers were designed and created by the fantastic Ryan Paterson a.k.a. Chromatic Arcade. He is a frequent collaborator with Inverse.

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