New 'Inhumans' Trailer Gives Away the Whole Plot

Marvel’s Inhumans premiered in theaters earlier this month. But, practically nobody saw it (and those who did largely hated it), so ahead of the show’s broadcast premiere on ABC this Friday, the studio has released a new trailer that pretty much gives away the whole story.

On Wednesday, Marvel and ABC have uploaded a new trailer for the upcoming series Inhumans. Kicking off with shots of loyal pet Lockjaw, who is still a good boy, the trailer reveals the process of Terrigenesis — in which humans become Inhumans and get powers — before showing Maximus’s (Iwan Rheon) coup against the Royal Family. Inhuman king Black Bolt (Anson Mount) escapes to Hawaii, while Medusa (Serinda Swan), who fans finally see use her hair as a weapon, is depowered with her head completely shaved.

Unfortunately, a new trailer for Inhumans may not be enough to fire up interest. The series has earned poor reviews from critics and its theatrical release in IMAX during Labor Day weekend was a bust. It doesn’t help that the trailer is set to the utterly generic “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, so there’s no identity for Inhumans to latch on to. Even hardcore MCU faithful may have a hard time wrapping their heads around Inhumans; despite being a big deal in the Marvel Universe, Inhumans seem utterly unimportant in the grand scheme. It’s not like Black Bolt will be fighting Thanos in Infinity War, so why bother?

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