‘It’ Kids Reveal What Really Makes This Pennywise So Terrifying

"The madness in his look is completely unnerving."

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Even putting aside the child murder and blood-stained mouth, the latest iteration of Stephen King’s villainous Pennywise is a horrifying sight. In a new featurette for It, the film’s director, Andrés Muschietti, and its child stars discuss what it is that makes Bill Skarsgård so unbelievably terrifying as the demonic clown, Pennywise.

“Creating Pennywise with Bill Skarsgård was very fulfilling,” Muschietti says in the video. “He’s unpredictable. And it was something that caught my attention immediately.”

Skarsgård strived to make Pennywise unpredictable, something fans of It would probably agree that he definitely achieves. As Muschietti points out, it’s not just Pennywise’s costume that makes him terrifying, it’s the way Skarsgård moves in the role.

“And the madness in his look is completely unnerving,” Muschietti adds.

Pennywise might be scary to adults, but it’s the kids who played the members of the Losers’ Club that got the real scare. Muschietti supposedly kept Skarsgård away from the kids to keep their reactions genuine.

None of the kids saw Pennywise on set until they were filming the projector scene; their screams are totally authentic.

It is now playing in theaters.

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