Q Says Burnham in 'Star Trek: Discovery' Is Sarek's 'Daughter' 

All of space and time is constantly converging in the mobile game Star Trek Timelines and that includes the arrival of the USS Shenzhou from Star Trek: Discovery. Now, Q has some opinions about it, including the exact relationship between Sarek and Burnham.

What Happened

On Friday, the mobile game Star Trek: Discovery dropped a teaser-trailer featuring a voiceover from none other than John de Lancie as the mischievous space god “Q” of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame. The teaser shows several familiar Federation starships converging on crackling space anomaly. Suddenly, the USS Shenzhou emerges and Q says “You might want to inform ambassador Sarek that his daughter has arrived.”

What It Means

For players of the game Star Trek Timelines, this mostly means a bunch of new characters will be playable in the game all coming from Star Trek: Discovery. Brand-new ships and missions are already included in the latest upgrade of the game, including the addition of Lt. Saru from Discovery.

rom the perspective of Star Trek fans in general, Q’s comment about Burnham being Sarek’s daughter is interesting. We’ve known for awhile now that Commander Michael Burnham was raised by Sarek and Amanda on the planet Vulcan, but producer Aaron Harberts has previously said “We tend to refer to [Burnham] as more Sarek’s ward or Sarek’s foster/adopted daughter.”

What’s Next

After a long wait, Discovery is debuting this Sunday on CBS All-Access. The first episode will also air on CBS conventional at 8:30 pm EST. At this point, we’ll probably figure out if Sarek sees himself as Burnham’s dad or just her legal guardian, whichever he deems more…logical.

Star Trek Timelines is available on multiple platforms.

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