Watch Netflix's 'Voltron' Season 4 Trailer Explode Into War

It all comes down to this. Netflix has just announced October 13 as the official premiere date for the fourth season of its hit animated series, Voltron Legendary Defender. Accompanying the announcement is a brand new trailer that shows the beginning of the galaxy-wide war against the Galra Empire.

After spending most of Season 3 away from the team, Shiro (Josh Keaton) has finally reunited with the other Voltron Paladins in the Castleship. Meanwhile, Princess Allura and her faithful advisor Coran have officially formed the “Voltron Coalition,” an alliance of allies to Voltron united in their quest to topple the iron fists of Zarkon and his son, Prince Lotor.

The stakes have never been higher than in the trailer for Season 4. After three seasons released in just over a year on Netflix, it feels like Voltron Legendary Defender is inching closer towards an end of an era.

Since its premiere in the summer of 2016, Voltron Legendary Defender has become one of Netflix’s most popular original shows with a thriving online fandom. Created by former Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra writers Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos, Voltron Legendary Defender reboots the classic 1984 anime Voltron: Defender of the Universe with a binge-friendly serial narrative within a sprawling science-fiction universe.

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 4 will premiere October 13 on Netflix.

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