2017's Most Controversial Halloween Costume Has Arrived

You know what, let's just go straight to Thanksgiving.


If the cooler air and pumpkin spice everything haven’t clued you in yet, Halloween is just over a month away. But no amount of time can ever prepare you for the horror that is 2017’s scariest costume: sexy fake news.

Women’s lingerie brand Yandy, who last year unleashed the “Donna T. Rumpshaker” upon us innocents, has turned President Donald Trump’s gaslighting catchphrase into an erotic, low-effort costume dress that takes a jumble of faux newspaper clippings (so, actual fake news?) with “FAKE” in red capital letters. And … that’s it. That’s the costume. It doesn’t even come with fake horn-rimmed glasses, so you’ll have to buy your own to achieve the “hot Clark Kent” vibe Yandy’s model is going for.

The costume, which retails for a whopping $54.95, will begin shipping on October 12. While you wait, take comfort in knowing that it was “made in USA,” as Yandy claims on its website.


Still looks like the collapse of democracy.


The release of the costume has, to be expected, caused a wave of lethargic reactions on Twitter.

Look, we’re not here to shame whoever wants to spend $60 to masquerade as Trump’s two-word combo punch against the Fourth Estate. But with literally anything else on the table, there are better options. Heck, Yandy has some solid (and cheaper) alternatives, such as this sexy Nemo, which looks warm, or this copyright-free Harley Quinn, which actually comes with a small knife prop. Have you seen Yandy’s version of Black Widow? It’s not too shabby for $40. Best of all, you’d basically be dressed as a Russian spy. That’s way less offensive.

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