Luke Skywalker Actor Mark Hamill Disproves a ‘Star Wars’ Tall Tale


When Luke Skywalker had his big damn hero moment in A New Hope, Princess Leia undercut his triumph just a little bit with her famous height quip: “Aren’t you a little short to be a Stormtrooper?” Well, some 40 years later, Mark Hamill has set the record straight thanks to a meme.

What Happened

On Thursday, Hamill tweeted out a meme featuring two photos of some classic 3.75-inch Star Wars action figures. A fancy, super-precise ruler is measuring how tall they are, and it turns out that both the Luke figure and the Stormtrooper figure are a little taller than 3.75 inches — but Luke is almost literally a hair taller. Luke is 3.832 inches tall, while the Stormtrooper is only 3.802 inches tall, which means the “person” inside is probably even shorter, given the helmet.

“Not to beat a dead Tauntaun, but here’s irrefutable PROOF I’m TALLER than a Stormtrooper!” Hamill wrote in his tweet. “Now let’s never speak of it again (‘til next time).”

What It Means

Hamill’s tweet continues to prove that he’s the cool dad of Star Wars, but it should go without saying that a meme about decade-old action figures has no impact on actual Star Wars canon. Solid goof though.

What’s Next

Look, if the meme is anything to go by, then Hamill is just barely taller than a Stormtrooper. But, people tend to shrink a little bit as they age. So, chances are Luke actually is a little short to be a Stormtrooper now that we’re in the Last Jedi era.

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