Mark Hamill Suggests Luke Skywalker Is a Virgin in 'Star Wars'

Who did Luke Skywalker lose his virginity to? This was the question asked of Mark Hamill by actress Anna Faris on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Monday. And Mark Hamill’s answer essentially confirms what many of us have long suspected: Luke Skywalker was totally a virgin, at least during the first film, A New Hope.

“Do they ever address adult sexuality in those movies?” Mark Hamill said in reply. “I must have missed that.” While Hamill was mostly kidding around, he did go on to say that the “whole point of the original film is that he’d never had any sort of experience like that.” While Hamill was referring to Luke going on adventures (like a young Han Solo), this clearly could be coded to also mean sex. The idea that Luke led a sheltered life prior to the events of A New Hope is also why Mark Hamill thinks a young Luke Skywalker film would be “boring.”

Ever the good sport, Mark Hamill played along with a live game called “I Am Your Father” in which he had to guess which real parent matched to their actual children.

For the record, the subject of Luke Skywalker’s virginity, as well as an investigation into any of Luke’s sexual partners was published on Inverse back in December of 2016.

Mark Hamill stars in Brisgby Bear, opening in theaters on July 28.

The Last Jedi, in which Luke Skywalker may or may not be a virgin, opens on December 15.

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